PACTA Relations joins a group of US-based Family Offices during Art Basel 2019

For the past six months, PACTA Relations has participated in a series of private gatherings for some of the most prestigious Family Offices in the United States. During Art Basel 2019, our PACTA Relations founders had the opportunity to meet again with these families in a Global Wealth and Family Office Symposium, organized by Jaboy Productions and hosted by MDS Energy Development, National Brokerage Atlantic, IDI Group, Aspen Tree Advisory, and Market Rebellion. The conference featured renowned speakers Grant Cardone, Jon Najarian, and Prince Lorenzo Medici of Italy, among other key individuals from the capital markets.

PACTA Relations thanks our strategic partner, Thomas Haug, and the IDI Group for their continued support, as well as Neil Green from Jaboy Productions for the kind invitation.

Jessika Angarita, Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici, Lisbet Castillo

Jon Najarian & Grant Cardone

Thomas J Haug, Jon Najarian, Lisbet Castillo, Jessika Angarita, Deron, Brian Fogel, Marc Lopestri

Marc Lopestri and Grant Henderson