Jessika Angarita

Meet Jessika Angarita | Co-Founder PACTA

I realized that giving my time, knowledge, and energy to companies that did not value what I was bringing to the table was unfair. On several occasions, I had managers that constantly doubted my experience and track record because I was young. They ignored my opinions, even though they were based on years of work, and would trust people older than me who had less experience.

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How Yachting Ventures’ mentors can help grow your start-up

…Although Yachting Ventures’ primary focus is on accelerating business ventures related to the yachting industry, there is also a great deal to be learned from alternative industries. Jessika Angarita, co-founder of PACTA Relations – a management consulting firm specialised in investor relations, marketing and corporate development – exemplifies this in every respect.

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Braman Rolls-Royce & PACTA Relations Presents Fall Welcome Reception on Fisher Island

Miami Beach, FL – October 10, 2019 – On Thursday night, Fisher Island residents gathered to celebrate the beginning of the Fall season at a private cocktail reception hosted by Braman Rolls-Royce Miami, Air Partner, Mata & Baker Tax Consultants, Luxury Living Realty, Socialite Magazine, and PACTA Relations. During the reception, guests received an exclusive look at the latest Rolls-Royce cars and the opportunity to discover the benefits of the Air Partner JetCard membership.

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