Jessika Angarita

Meet Jessika Angarita | Co-Founder PACTA

I realized that giving my time, knowledge, and energy to companies that did not value what I was bringing to the table was unfair. On several occasions, I had managers that constantly doubted my experience and track record because I was young. They ignored my opinions, even though they were based on years of work, and would trust people older than me who had less experience.

How Yachting Ventures’ mentors can help grow your start-up

…Although Yachting Ventures’ primary focus is on accelerating business ventures related to the yachting industry, there is also a great deal to be learned from alternative industries. Jessika Angarita, co-founder of PACTA Relations – a management consulting firm specialised in investor relations, marketing and corporate development – exemplifies this in every respect.

Braman Rolls-Royce & PACTA Relations Presents Fall Welcome Reception on Fisher Island

Miami Beach, FL – October 10, 2019 – On Thursday night, Fisher Island residents gathered to celebrate the beginning of the Fall season at a private cocktail reception hosted by Braman Rolls-Royce Miami, Air Partner, Mata & Baker Tax Consultants, Luxury Living Realty, Socialite Magazine, and PACTA Relations. During the reception, guests received an exclusive look at the latest Rolls-Royce cars and the opportunity to discover the benefits of the Air Partner JetCard membership.